DIY Cake Smash

In our budget conscious home we believe in saving now so we can splurge later. So, when both Walker and Nora turned one I, still wanting those memories, put together a do it yourself cake smash with a homemade smash cake and snapped away with my iPhone. Were they perfect photos? No. Were they memories I will cherish forever? Yes! And guess what, all you need is an old sheet, some cheap decor, boxed cake mix, and your phone camera!

For both photo shoots I took an old flat white queen sheet and used painters tape to tape it to the top of my fireplace mantel. The sheet should be long enough where it drapes down and cover the ground. If you don’t have a fireplace mantel you could totally use a bar height counter. I then draped some cheapo decor, a mix of Amazon and Oriental Trading Co., by taping them to the top of the mantel as well. I finally filled up some balloons and scattered them on the sheet. Boom, I had a backdrop.

Both cakes I used box cake mix and store bought frosting because why waste time baking a cake from scratch that they are just going to smash and (hopefully) barely eat. Walker’s cake was made with a basketball cake pan to get the sphere shape, then I added some red sprinkles and the lid of a Pam spray can (just using whatever I could find around the house!), to resemble a fishing bobber.

Nora’s cake was three layers of cake, stacked and roughly coated with frosting for a conveniently rustic look. I topped it off with fresh roses and a cute little sign and it probably cost me only fifteen bucks to make. Walker’s was probably even cheaper since it didn’t have any fresh flowers. So, in total with cake and decor, each setup cost about $30. I saved money and still got cute photos! Even better, when all was said and done I wrapped up the dirty sheet, cheap decor and all, and tossed it in the trash for easy clean up.

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