Sixteen Weeks

Sixteen weeks with baby #3. Feels (and looks) a little different this time around. This was going to be the pregnancy that I only gained the “recommended weight”. The pregnancy, my most likely last pregnancy, that I would enjoy to the fullest. But then the nausea set in, and despite feeling sick alllll the time, still pushing my body to workout, the pounds piled on. I was so embarrassed to tell people how far along I was because how could I possibly be this big at only sixteen weeks? I saw all of these tiny mamas with basketballs for belly’s and it felt unfair.

Most people don’t know, but my first pregnancy, before Walker, we lost at 13 weeks. I didn’t have the chance to gain all the weight I now dread so much. But this is the weight my body needs to support a healthy baby. My body is not failing me just because I will never be the “skinny” pregnant girl. My body is doing exactly what God intended it to do. So I’m choosing to embrace this pregnancy and all of the things that come with it. I’m choosing to savor the last time I will miraculously grow life inside of me♥️ We can’t wait to meet you baby!

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